Artist Statement





Artist Statement


My art practise focuses on personal experiences and interests which drive my inspirations and creativity to create something in reply or a outcome of my feelings and observations on a subject. It could be said that I am drawn to objects that create a deeper thought and provoke a creative thought process in me. The majority of those are obscure and melancholic objects and places. Another matter is beauty and it’s the one especially found in nature and old worn objects because of their age and fragility they automatically become precious to me. I find something inspiring in the process of aging and the change in their form and appearance.


I find myself to be quite illustrative and enjoy drawing with various mediums such as pencils, pen, watercolours or acrylics. The art I create seems always to be drawn realistically and focuses on the details. I don’t tend to create art in an abstract form as it is not in my art’s nature to be creating something in that style. The work I create is inspired by the things that drawn me in and cause me to reflect on those things or response to them by creating art. I consider myself as an aspiring artist and not yet a one that feels like an artist. I feel like I need more time to discover myself in art and the best ways for me of expressing myself through art.



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