Me & My Practice

Art has always been an aim in my life, I can also say it was a lense through which I saw the world and my sourroundings. The most inspiring aspect for me was nature. It has given me a personal drive towards creating art and a satisfaction from producing my own art. The enviroment which I normally drew in for pleasure was the countryside which I found refreshingly stimulating for my practice.


Creating art is something that I enjoy most but apart from drawing and painting I am very inspired by antique objects because of their apperance and sentimental value they automatically seem to become precious and fragile. My future plan is to refurbish old furniture as it gives me a great satisfaction of watching how the object can change and how I can highlight the time process carved into its surfaces.



I am an aspiring artist and the reason for this website is to broaden my audience and possibilities that art can bring into my life. I want to share my passion with others and show the art I create to gain an audience and hear the opinion of others.





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